On hearing the news of the tragic passing away of my dear friend and colleague Madhavrao - one of our most outstanding and unique type of workers, too rare to come across in these days - my thoughts went back by a few decades ... Dedicated workers like Madhavrao have today changed the whole concept of social work......The Late Madhavrao Kane plunged into this work, dedicating his whole life silently. So much so that his life became fully identified with that of the Vanavasis. The result of his nearly three decades of dedication can be seen today in the resurgent youth of the Vanavasi areas of Thane district. ...We find hundreds and thousands of young Vanavasi youths trained under the loving and watchful eye of Madhavrao .. This Tapasya of his is bearing fruit and the time will not be far away when we can see the disparity and grief disappear from these areas....-- Shri K. Bhaskar Rao, Ex Prant Pracharak and now All-India Organising Secretary of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram in his article of the same title.

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