By Vishnu Savra, M.L.A.Everybody who visits the Talasari Tribal Welfare Centre leaves it with the impression that it is an ideal Centre. Today, it has mushroomed into a large project. However, the tremendous efforts taken by Shri Madhavrao Kane in bringing it up to its present shape are simply unparalleled. He did not limit his work to providing only Hostel facilities to the students but took care to divine their potential qualities and endeavour to bring out the best of every student so that in future they would distinguish themselves in their chosen careers.Talasari Centre was not a hostel but a home for all of us. We senior students called Madhavrao 'Sir' and the younger ones affectionately called him by the fond epithet 'Aba'. A disciplined person himself, he ensured that all programmes started and ended exactly on scheduled time. He also realised the need for the students to go out in society and get along with the people. Hence he organised Ganeshotsava festivals in a number of places, went among the people for tying rakhis, distributed Tilgul on Sankraman day and ensured that the students participated in all of these activities with him. He wanted all the ex-students also to retain their cordial relationship with their hostel and hence he regularly organised a get-together function just a day before Diwali for all the past and present students. The ex-students used to return to their villages with sweet memories, and with affection for the Centre. Thus the attachment of every student, even after he left the Hostel, remained unaffected.He had great vision. He not only inculcated affection in the students' hearts for the Centre but moulded their thinking in such a manner that they were always aware of the debt they owed to the tribals among whom he/she was born, and worked for them after they had completed their education. Today hundreds of students have passed out of his hostels and are successful in their chosen fields. There are many like Shri Chintaman Vanaga, M. P., Shri Kanchan Wadu, etc. in the political field. Sarvashri Moreshwar Lahange and Prakash Chowdhry devote their time for the Ambhan (Manor) Centre and the Vanavasi Kalyan Kendra, Ramesh Malavkar and Shantaram Zole shoulder the responsibility of the Hostels. Shri Harishchandra Bhoye looks after the Ashramshala. Hundreds of ex-students help at these centres after doing their regular duties. Those who have done their M. B. B. S., like Shri Laxman Kondhare, Damodar Dubala, Laxman Chowdhry etc. and are carrying on a regular practice, also spare time to provide medical and other assistance.In the beginning, it was a very trying time for Madhavrao. Not only was there severe opposition from Marxists, but the Christian Missionaries movement was strong in these parts. The Missionaries created innumerable difficulties and troubles for him, which would have broken down any person but Madhavrao. Determined and undaunted, he went on doing whatever he aimed at. He had a great ally in Shri Appa Joshi and his wife Mrs Vasudha Joshi. All three of them took infinite pains to build the centre and to bring it to its present status. On that fateful day when the Marxists attacked the centre, Sir was not at Talasari. Heavy injuries were inflicted on both, Shri Appa Joshi and his wife. Our 'Sir' could not be attacked physically, but he was grievously wounded in his heart.No amount of writing will adequately describe our 'Sir'.Now with his passing away, there is a great void in our lives, the irreparable loss of a great craftsman who created exceptional and responsible citizens out of ordinary people. But he lit a lamp in our hearts showing us the way, and making us aware of our responsibilities towards our own society. It will always guide our lives and I feel confident that this great institution will keep on thriving if we all continue to give a little support to it.(Shri Savra, an MLA from Wade Constitutency, was all along a student living in the Talasari Hostel.)

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