by Shri Ram B. GodboleMadhav's house was recognized to be a Sangh house right from the first. Thousands of Sangh volunteers have been working diligently to create awareness of Hindutva in Hindu society and the Sangh Parivar is engaged in this task for the last 71 years. Madhav was one such ideal Sangh volunteer who had offered everything on the altar of the holy cause. Honest to the extreme, he had no vices and was endowed with rich human qualities. I don't understand why such a person was taken away by God from us.Madhav was working for the Jansangh from its beginning in 1952. He started off doing the smallest chores like putting up wall posters and distributing pamphlets and eventually rose by his organizing skills to become first the Corporator and then the President of Kalyan Municipality. He never misused his powers and would go to the Sangh office on foot though he had been allotted a car. He received many honours and recognitions in the society but they did not change his style of simple living. Citizens of Kalyan always remarked that such a President was a unique in the history of their Municipality. I was then the Organizing Secretary of Maharashtra State and was therefore, able to minutely observe these traits of Madhav's personality from close quarters. His house had become very much like an office and a meeting place for all Jansangh workers.But destiny had something else in store for Madhav. The Late Damuanna Tokekar, the Divisional Sangh Pracharak, was his mentor. On his advice Madhav started working for the Vanavasis (Tribals). Meanwhile, RSS Prant (State) Pracharak Shri Babarao Bhide gave him his consent and Madhav went into the tribal areas and became a full-fledged Vanavasi Worker. Once he chose this path he never looked back to the comforts of city life. Godutai Parulekar made the tribals aware of their capabilities and human values. Madhav not only followed in her foot steps but went further and assisted the tribals to stand on their feet. The beginning of his work was indeed a very hard task and I have seen him toiling to overcome the difficulties he encountered undauntedly and with the courage of conviction.Later, when I myself started to work for the Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, my discussions and experiences with Madhav proved very valuable. He wanted these activities to spread to Dadra Nagar Haveli area which is adjacent to Talasari. He lent his workers for that job and started a hostel at Khanvel. He was successful in giving the tribals education, health, employment and removing their blind faiths (Andhashraddha). It was not easy. It was a voluminous task and required continuous efforts. His example should prove to be an inspiration to all youths to create a chain of such achievements.And Madhav did all this with the love of a mother for her child. As Saint Kabir put it, "When the child comes in this world it cries, but it bring lots of joy to others. Likewise, we should be able to leave this world laughing, while others would cry". And Madhav did it.(Shri Ram B. Godbole was working for Jansangh from its start and later became the All India Organizer of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram.)

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