.....Shri Damuanna Tokekar launched the Hindu Seva Sangh at Theronde and took the first step. Responding to his call, this intrepid warrior, Madhavrao Kane, left the Presidentship of Kalyan Municipality and went miles and miles away to Talasari sworn to walk on the thorn-ridden road of service to tribals. He never looked back. ...One lamp went out but not without lighting thousands of others. ....The multitude of students determined to follow in his footsteps represent a great acknowledgement of his massive achievement... Kane worked like an ever burning lamp to bring his work to this stage, and I feel that his followers should work towards creating a leadership for the whole society from among the Vanasavis, which will be a real tribute to his memory. -- Shri Moropant Pingale, Member of the All India Working Committee of the RSS, and Senior Pracharak. He was the guide and inspiration for the work launched in Thane District.

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