In his last days, whenever I went to meet Shri Kane, his doctors told me that he was a most unique patient who, in spite of having clear knowledge of his impending end, did not get depressed, annoyed or irritated. On the contrary, he was understanding and tolerant over their small mistakes. I found him talking to his friends with the love and assurance of a father, soothing them with his guidance, and counseling his Vanavasi friends as usual..........To solve social issues and build a nation, it is more important to build character. The Sangh has adopted this path to steer the nation toward progress. Position and publicity has its own place in society, but to build a nation and bring social transformation, it is important to dedicate one's life for such a cause and overlook personal gains. Madhavrao was one such ideal person who set an example to society. He gave up his secure future as the President of Kalyan Municipality and came to this remote place, Talasari where there was only adversity and backwardness. Madhavrao was a living example of the aims and achievements of the RSS and what it stood for. He strived selflessly at Talasari for 30 years to develop this backward region without expecting any material gains. Madhavrao Kane was a real live role model of the highest ideals of selfless service and character. ...-- Shri Dattopant Thengadi, founder and ex president of the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh in his article of the same title on Shri Kane.

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