Pandurangshastri athaavale
Shri Madhvarao Kane's sacrifice for the nation and for society is extremely valuable। His mission of working in the service and welfare of the tribals without expecting anything in return is unparalleled and sets an admirable ideal for all social workers to emulate।Society will always be grateful to Madhavrao for his great work। To follow his example to complete his unfulfilled dreams would be a true tribute to his memory।Gopinath Munde,Dy Chief Minister, Government of Maharashtra।In the death of Shri Madhavrao Kane, the tribals have lost their friend, solace, and support. His end brought great grief to the entire Hindu society, specially to the Vanavasis. Indeed, like Abu Ben Adam, he would have led the list of selfless workers so aptly described by Shri Balasaheb Deoras as unavailable even to Gods (Deodurlabh).A prolific and talented person, he worked in the political, social, cultural, and educational spheres as well as in the fields of employment generation, health awareness and even eradication of superstitions. He brought about a revolution in the life of tribals....On behalf of the Government of Maharashtra and on my own personal behalf, I pay our tributes to his unforgettable memory. Govindrao Chowdhry,Advocate, Minister for Tribal Development, Government of Maharashtra.During the 30 years of his stay at Talasari, Shri Madhavrao Kane, through his Vanavasi Kalyan Kendra, incessantly served the cause of Vanavasis with the love of a mother and created a chain of cultured students who became doctors, engineers, advocates and even leaders like Chintamani Vanaga, MP, and Vishnu Savara, MLA. They themselves, in their turn are engaged in serving the tribals .I take this opportunity of acknowledging the signal service done by Madhavrao to tribals, and pay my humble tributes to his memory.

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